GameReviewPad’s 2020 Path Forward: More and Better Content (Streams), and New Site Structure


GameReviewPad’s 2020 Path Forward

More and Better Content (Streams) and New Site Structure

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There hasn’t been that much new content or new game reviews on the website in almost two months for multiple reasons, like my personal health being a little sick and all the general stress surrounding COVID-19 that has diverted most of my attention as of late. That’s as of the last few weeks, but previously there was a planned delay in February, due to the fact that I was in the process but now just completed making personal tech upgrades that allow me to cover more games with a new computer in a better workspace with more efficiency that will ultimately result in more and better content output.

More and Better Content (Streaming)

I will no longer be technically constrained with my new PC (check my old PC specs in all my previous PC reviews) to play the newest games, which unfortunately closed me off from playing certain games in previous years that I would have wanted to review. While my previous PC was a constraint, so was my general workspace setup, so with my new setup I plan to be streaming at a regular schedule in the future and kicking GameReviewPad into a new era with different types of new content in both written and video formats.his will also include console video capture, primarily Playstation 4. GameReviewPad will still remain as a written site first. Although my heart is usually with the underdog, I will most likely settle on using Twitch because I just Twitch easier to use and much less of a hassle, sorry Microsoft (Mixer).

New Site Structure

Since I created GameReviewPad in 2013 and launched it in 2014, I’ve learned many lessons. I’ve come to the ultimate conclusion that GameReviewPad runs best on my end when approached as primarily a solo website with less necessary long commitment from writers (contributors). This has lead me to the new policy that in the coming weeks once things are backed to normal on GameReviewPad, I will roll out a freelance writer policy to bring in writers who want to get their feet wet in gaming journalism that want a platform with no long term commitment.

I apologize for the slowdown of content, but things will shift back to normal (and more) soon.


Thanks for supporting GameReviewPad, please be smart and stay safe and healthy.


Andre Calvert
Editor-in-Chief of GameReviewPad



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