GameReviewPad’s Content for the Rest of 2021: Lots of Indie Game Coverage, Select Full Reviews, More Personalized Site, Upcoming Content, Substack


GameReviewPad’s Content for the Rest of 2021:

Lots of Indie Game Coverage, Select Full Reviews, More Personalized Site, Upcoming Content, Substack

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GameReviewPad New Content Approach: Shorter Bursts of Opinion/Impressions Content

If there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that there are way too many games to play that I want to play, but so little time.

Sometimes it feels like following gaming news is a constant treadmill that I can never be completely on top of. In the past, I’ve generally taken the approach of only dedicating coverage to games I will likely or definitely play after release, but sometimes that approach squeezes out games that I have some appreciation for, but ultimately decide not to play because it may not be for me. I’ll be shifting GameReviewPad’s approach to be more broader and provide ‘shorter bursts’ of content and move away from the mostly ‘Full Review’ centric site that GameReviewPad has been over the years. I will still commit to writing full length reviews of games that I really want to (and a few of those are coming up), but the tradeoff is that more indie content will ultimately end up on the platform because I will write shorter impressions of more games, whether it be demos, trailers, or even the full games themselves.

My passion has always been indie games and the best way I feel I can give back the most is by providing more shorter pieces of content to help smaller indie titles out. There are so many interesting indie games out there that get little to no coverage, that ultimately every little bit helps when you’re a small fish in the giant pond.

A More ‘Andre’ Personalized GameReviewPad Experience

GameReviewPad will also be entering a much different phase of a more personalized experience and layout of what I personally want to be promoted, whether it be picks, wishlists, etc…The ‘Game for Game’ Lists is just one example, but over the next year I will be changing the menu options and sidebars to be a bit different. Now that I am the only one, this approach makes the most sense.

Although indie games and covering new games are my passion, there are many games that I have wanted to play for a long time that I never did for various reasons. Expect some ‘Andre’s Gaming Bucket List’ content in the future. This is another reason I am taking a more casual approach to dedicating the website to full reviews in order to free time to play more games.

On my list..:
1) Final Fantasy XIV (very soon)
2) Entire Halo Franchise (Fall 2021?)
2) Entire Mass Effect Franchise
4) Horizon Zero Dawn

Content (and Video) Coming Up

June 2021 was a hectic gaming month with so many announcements to keep track of. Right after all of the many gaming showcases there was a Steam festival with lots of time sensitive demos that I played some of. I have a lot of demo footage and thoughts to share about a lot of them. Keeping track of all of these showcase content and selections is a bit taxing, but I will have a lot of that posted very soon once I can gather my thoughts.

Expect the following content coming in July 2021:

    • Showcase Content Wrapped Up: (Nintendo, Day of the Devs, Future Games, PC Gaming)Trailer Impressions will be done instead due to time.
    • Demo Thoughts of many games (Some Video Content)
    • ‘Game for Game’  Selections: June 2021 (w/ Video covering May/June)
    • Evolution Board Game: Climate Expansion Review (Plus possible video)
    • Andre’s Gaming Bucket List: Final Fantasy XIV First Impressions

YouTube Content Series Scrapped

It’s best that I not commit to playthrough content series (Disco Elysium) on YouTube for 2021 as I move with this new approach for the website. The Kakariko G-Pads still might get more content, but this has been a little more taxing than I anticipated.

GameReviewPad and Substack

GameReviewPad will be launching a Substack at some point in the future to provide periodic updates. A newsletter is what this website needs and I am not even ruling out moving everything to Substack in the future.

The first order of business is to deliver content here on and based on how GameReviewPad does in 2021 I will considering moving GameReviewPad to Substack in 2022.

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