From the Editor-in-Chief: Happily Ending 2020, Headed to 2021


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From the Editor-in-Chief:
Happily Ending 2020, Headed to 2021

I wanted to take the time to explain the unusual year of 2020 for GameReviewPad.

2020 has been been a bad year for everyone, but specifically for GameReviewPad it was more of a content sporadic year on the backend of the year than normal. I’m not happy or proud to say that. With lots of real world distractions sometimes other things took greater priority, but in the video game world it was difficult to keep up with new games sprouting up every week with some of them giving little notice for their release dates to plan far ahead.

2020 was an unusual gaming year for me in that I was drawn to plenty of AAA games, much more than usual. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), games are just way too long these days, with at least one of them totally draining me in the middle of the year. This meant that as long as I played AAA games, I had to pass over indie games for that time period. The other factor being the amazing library of Xbox Game Pass allowed me to play more new games in quick succession, some AAA and some not.

So what does this exactly have to do with less content on the site? When I’m playing a game, I’m not writing. 2020 has been a jam packed year with so MANY games that I want to play that I just had a greater degree of difficulty peeling myself away to write about them, more so than usual. Gaming overload is real and sometimes there are so many options with so little time it becomes hectic and scrambles your brain! As someone who has never before had more flexibility in content creation of writing and video creation since I got a top of the line computer in March, it was actually much more difficult to plan content because I had too much at my disposal without a clear and concise process or plan. Another factor being that it was my first time recording using hardware like Elgato and just generally learning tech I never used before that it took away a lot of time and I was a bit more gun shy relying on it. The takeaway of all of this is plan better with a better process and that’s something that will happen in 2021.

As GameReviewPad is ending 2020 and headed into 2021 you can expect some more sporadic content of trailer impressions and other types of reviews. but I want to reassure the readers that 2020 is the exception and not the rule of what to expect in the future in terms of content quantity.

There are plenty of games that I am finishing at the moment and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on all of these of these games because 2020 has had some nice gems!

I can’t wait to end 2020 to have a breakout and more productive 2021.

Thanks for your understanding,


Andre Calvert

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