ICYMI: Andre’s GameReviewPad Indie Game Discovery Roundup #50


ICYMI Andre’s GameReviewPad Indie Game Discovery Roundup #50

Andre's GameReviewPad Indie Game Discovery Roundup #50



Lemnis Gate

(PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox GamePass)

Lemnis Gate, developed by Ratloop Games Canada, is a turn-based combat strategy FPS competitive experience that takes place in a 25-second time loop. Each player takes turns choosing a character with special abilities from a choice of seven characters that are all very different from each other. It’s a tactical experience where players have to try to capture and control the most areas/flags for the full 25 seconds, all while preventing and responding to the other player’s decisions and character choices in the 25-second time loop one character choice at time. Once all the turns have passed another round starts from scratch with the other player going first this time. It’s hard to explain in words, but amazing to watch and see all the creative possibilities for a game to unfold. I’ve been looking forward to Lemnis Gate since it was announced due to the concept and I’ll be trying it out at some point very soon. I recommend at least watching a video of it because words don’t do this game justice!

Lemnis Gate on Steam

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The Indie Game Discovery Roundup features five indie games that caught my attention that I think are interesting. Games that either recently released or will be officially released soon (excluding games entering Steam Early Access and other betas). I likely will not have played most of the games in each roundup.

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