Indie Game Discovery Roundup 012: This Is the Police 2, Rifter, Black Paradox, To Hell with Hell, Russian Subway Dogs


Indie Game Discovery Roundup 012

Week of July 9, 2018

The Indie Game Discovery Roundup is a list of indie games just announced, upcoming. very recently released, or hidden gems that caught our eye that we would like you to know about.

This Is the Police 2, Rifter, Black Paradox, To Hell with Hell, Russian Subway Dogs

This Is the Police 2

This Is the Police 2 is the sequel to This Is the Police, which came out a few years ago. I found the concept of the first installment to be pretty appealing, but it wasn’t as in depth as the sequel appears to be. This Is the Police 2 looks like a very in depth game with levels of strategy and control of your police force that wasn’t in the first one. This tickles my strategy gamer heart, as I find this to be appealing for anyone who likes these style of games. Difficulty is obviously the big question, but if it is challenging enough it can be successful. This sequel has sort of snuck up on us, so don’t forget to wishlist this so you don’t forget.

You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Release Date: August 2, 2018 (PC) Consoles Later 2018


Rifter is a game that I just recently discovered that appears to be a very speedy colorful platformer. The pace of play seems incredibly fast, but it looks fun and casual. The game boasts over 90 levels and tough bosses, with upgrades and leaderboards.The song in the trailer gives it a disco type vibe, which aligns with the vast array of colors in the game. Rifter is a game that is no doubt flying under the radar, which is why I am hear to tell you the game exists. Don’t overlook Rifter and don’t forget to wishlist it.

You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Release Date: July 12, 2018 (PC)

Black Paradox (Steam Early Access)

Black Paradox is a rogue-like shoot’ em up, entering Steam Early Access soon. I recently discovered this game, and although I am not a shoot ’em up genre aficionado, the game is still impressive to me. Black Paradox appears to be very fun, and the nice pixel art graphics can make this appealing to even the casuals like myself. Ok, the real reason I am intrigued by this game is the stat progression…mmhmm stats.  If the stat progression, customization, and difficulty work mesh well together I see Black Paradox turning out to be a success. It hits Steam Early Access on July 20 and consoles later in 2018. Don’t forget to wishlist this, check it out, as this appears to be on the right track.

You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Release Date: July 20, 2018 (PC, Steam Early Access) Consoles Later

To Hell with Hell (Steam Early Access)

To Hell with Hell is another game that I recently discovered that I will probably be very bad at, as it is a twin-stick shooter, but I still respect the genre. Details are very minimal, but it appears to be a fun casual experience where you can transform into different kinds of characters and have different skills. I am always concerned about games not being given their due just because they were published after certain games of the same genre, so gamers should give this one a chance to succeed and judge it individually, as it will be compared to two recent giants in the genre. To Hell with Hell enters Steam Early Access soon, so please wishlist it and give it a fair shake.

You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Release Date: July 19, 2018 (PC, Steam Early Access)

Russian Subway Dogs

Russian Subway Dogs is an upcoming game inspired by the real-life stray dogs of the Moscow subway system, developed by Spooky Squid Games, who also made They Bleed Pixels. With a campaign mode and many challenges, it is your job to steal enough food in order to survive. This is one of those games that I am completely unsure of what to expect, but the gameplay looks appealing and wacky enough that will make anyone intrigued to play it, which is why it is on this list. One cool element of the game is that dogs from some other indie games are included, so that will be fun to see! This game has received very little publicity, so I am glad to bring this interesting title to your attention. Don’t forget to wishlist Russian Subway Dogs, as it is scheduled for a Summer 2018 release.

You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Release Date: Summer 2018 (PC) Consoles TBA

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