Indie Game Discovery Roundup 038: Vicious Circle, DARQ, Steambirds Alliance, Creature in the Well, Children of Morta


Indie Game Discovery Roundup 038

The Indie Game Discovery Roundup is a list of indie games just announced, upcoming, very recently released, or hidden gems that caught our eye that we would like you to know about.

Vicious Circle, DARQ, Steambirds Alliance, Creature in the Well, Children of Morta

Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle, developed by Rooster Teeth Games, is a game that I have listed here because the concept of the game is very wacky and interesting. It’s a multiplayer looter-shooter with the premise of being last person running out with the loot that is gained by killing the mercenary, also controlled by a random player. It brands itself as an ‘uncooperative multiplayer shooter’ because that’s exactly how the game works, as it’s essentially a free for all. The game touts free content updates, including new game modes, monsters, gadgets, and mercenaries. Vicious Circle is a game that may not appeal to everyone, but the concept alone is worth taking a look at.

Release Date: August 13, 2019
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist Vicious Circle on Steam here.


DARQ, developed by Unfold Games, is a game that I stumbled upon one day on Steam and immediately caught my attention with its presentation, lighting, and concept. Take is centered around Lloyd, who is dreaming and finds himself in a nightmare he is trying to escape. DARQ is a stealth puzzle experience that involves bending the laws of physics, rotating rooms,  while also trying to avoid haunting creatures. Although the atmosphere of DARQ is dark and creepy, there is a charm about this game that adds a lot of flavor and spice on top of a puzzle experience. Definitely check this out if you are a puzzle gamer and can stand the horror presence.

Release Date: August 15, 2019
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist DARQ on Steam here.

Steambirds Alliance

Steambirds Alliance. developed by Spry Fox, was recently released out of beta and is a bullet hell MMO with rogue-lite elements. I had the lucky opportunity of trying out the beta and this game should speak to any huge bullet hell gamer. As someone who stinks at the genre, the barrier of entry as far as survival goes has a quick ceiling that may be frustrating. The rogue-lite element of the game is that your airships die and as you keep dying you get to choose various boosts options for different airships for your next run, although you can have more than one airship at a time. As a free-to-play game, Steambirds Alliance should at least be tried by any bullet-hell gamer at least once. Bullet-hell MMOs are uncommon and to see a game like this made for fans of the genre is very nice to see. Definitely try out Steambirds Alliance,

Release Date: August 22, 2019
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist Steambirds Alliance on Steam here.

Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well, developed by Flight School Studio, is a game that immediately caught my attention due to the unique nature of the game. This is dungeon crawling hack’n slash game mixed with pinball. Yes, that’s right, you explore a dungeon controlled by creature, and it is your job to hit targets with energy orbs, and you hit the orbs with various weapons containing different powers that can manipulate how the orbs bounce. The concept of Creature in the Well, as well as the graphics, as all eight dungeons are hand-crafted, and this is one of the more unique gaming concepts of 2019. Just by watching the trailer it appears everything is fluid, and the game touts many different customizable choices a player can choose from within the item selection. I really can’t wait to play Creature in the Well because this appears to be incredibly fun and could be a top contending indie game in 2019.

Release Date: September 6, 2019
Platforms: PC, Switch, and Xbox One
You can wishlist Creature in the Well on Steam here.

Children of Morta

Children of Morta, developed by Dead Mage, is a game that I’ve kept my eye on for the past year or so waiting for updates and now it plans on releasing next week. The pixel graphics are an immediate attention grabber, and to be honest, they are more beautiful now than the previous trailers I saw years ago. This is a rogue-lite RPG featuring a family, the Bergsons, who are heroes that have to fight the Corruption, with each family member having different backstory, abilities, and playstyles. The greatest way to melt my RPG heart is show me skill trees and that’s what Children of Morta has! I had doubts about this game, but it looks beautiful and the dungeon combat looks very engaging. I can’t wait to play this now, as Children of Morta is another title that may well be underestimated! Don’t overlook this game!

Release Date: September 3, 2019
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist Children of Morta on Steam here.

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