Indie Game Discovery Roundup 045: One Step From Eden, In Other Waters, The Flower Collectors, Cloudpunk, Dunk Lords


Indie Game Discovery Roundup 045

The Indie Game Discovery Roundup is a list of indie games just announced, upcoming, very recently released, or hidden gems that caught my eye that I would like for you to know about.

One Step From Eden, In Other Waters, The Flower Collectors, Cloudpunk, Dunk Lords

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden, developed by Thomas Moon Kang, is part this roundup because the concept of the game is a horizontal, action, deckbuilding, rogue-like experience that is very unique and fast-paced with lots of abilities and spells to randomly choose from. Although the game is fast-paced, it’s not difficult to figure out once you get used to the speed of everything on your screen. The goal of the game is to make it to Eden. After playing the demo, One Step From Eden is a game that I definitely want to pay the full version of, but it wont be for everyone, as the gameplay has a lot going on the screen that can be tough. While playing you will definitely notice inspiration from other games, like choosing a path between levels (Slay the Spire). Don’t overlook One Step From Eden, as this should be considered to be a few clicks away from your game library.

Release Date: March 26, 2020
Platforms: PC and Switch
You can wishlist One Step From Eden on Steam here.

In Other Waters

In Other Waters, developed by Jump Over The Age, is selected to be part of this roundup because everything about it is so unique. Set in an alien ocean, you play as an Artificial Intelligence with the goal of helping a stranded xenobiologist to discover and categorize secrets in the ocean. What immediately popped out to me is the UI aesthetic that immediately gives the vibe that you are looking at a sonar or electronic reading from a machine, which fits with the premise of the game. You can choose to study creatures, investigate secrets, or dive new areas, What is clear to me is that In Other Waters is a game that will tell the story through the gameplay itself, which is somewhat rare these days. I look forward to playing In Other Waters, as it appears to be a very unique storytelling experience.

Release Date: April 3, 2020
Platforms: PC and Switch
You can wishlist In Other Waters on Steam here.

The Flower Collectors

The Flower Collectors, developed by Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH, is a game I recently discovered and want to bring to your attention because it’s a detective game. Playing as an ex-cop in a wheelchair who witnessed a murder, you team up with a journalist to investigate and solve the mystery. What stands out in this game is the graphics and soundtrack.. Set in Barcelona in 1977, I get a lot of L.A. Noire vibes from this game, but the feeling that the player might be given a bit more control of the investigation and eventual accusation. I also like the fact that the main characters are a bear and fox heads on a human body. As someone who has scoured plenty of indie games, sometimes that are games you come across that just seem special without playing it yet and The Flower Collectors gives off that aura of potential that I seek out in gaming. I can’t wait to play The Flower Collectors and see how flow of the investigation is compared to other detective games.

Release Date: April 21, 2020
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist The Flower Collectors on Steam here.


Cloudpunk, developed by Ion Lands, is an interesting selection for me because the premise of the game on paper seems boring until you see what the game actually is. In Cloudpunk, you control a vehicle and make deliveries, meet characters, and make choices with consequences in the bright city of Nivalis. The trailer of Cloudpunk is what sold me, as the colorful graphics and vehicle mobility show excellent art direction with the background of voice narration that sets the tone for the game.  I can’t wait to fly around Nivalis, make deliveries, and hopefully experience some good storytelling. Don’t overlook Cloudpunk, as this may actually be a delivery game that’s a bang for your buck.

Release Date: April 23, 2020
Platforms: PC
You can wishlist Cloudpunk on Steam here.

Dunk Lords

Dunk Lords, developed by Story Fort, is a game easily made my roundup because of what the game is, an arcade game premised around dunking. Naturally this will be compared to NBA Jam!, but I applaud Story Fort for making this game because that is intimidating comparison that has probably scared away other developers from wanting to make a dunking game. I haven’t played Dunk Lords yet, but this game does seem very fun when you watch the trailer. The premise of Dunk Lords is that it’s a two-on-two basketball beat ’em up, where you choose from sixteen characters that have different special attacks and abilities with hazards on the court. To me, the premise of Dunk Lords almost seems like if NBA Jam! and Super Smash Bros. had a baby, which is a great sell to me. Dunk Lords contains a story, arcade, and gauntlet modes, which should give plenty of playtime. The only downside of Dunk Lords is that it isn’t online, but it wont stop me from wanting to play story mode and this probably gives a good excuse to use to try out Steam Remote Play with friends.

Release Date: March 18, 2020
Platforms: PC and Xbox One
You can wishlist Dunk Lords on Steam here.


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