Introducing GameReviewPad’s ‘Game for Game’ Lists (Hype Rankings)


Introducing GameReviewPad’s ‘Game for Game’ Lists (Hype Rankings)


As someone who has run GameReviewPad since 2013 and followed the video game world for the vast majority of my life, we’ve all experienced hype for upcoming games. In the current state of the video game industry, games are usually announced in bits and pieces with new reveals of content for that game in various intervals. That ultimately evolves your level up hype for that game’s release. Ever get hyped for a game only to hear a feature was removed or platform version cancelled? Not 60 FPS? All of those kinds of factors can fluctuate your hype levels for a game pre-release. It has happened to all of us!

What are the GameReviewPad ‘Game for Game’ Lists?

The ‘Game for Game’ list is essentially a tracker of your hype until the game is release. This is basically a different take of theĀ  ‘Pound for Pound’ lists traditional talked about in boxing. The ‘Game for Game’ list is arbitrary, totally dependent on how that person particularly feels.

Louis Hughes and I will each put together separate 10 game lists and update them roughly once a month during the GameReviewPad Live Show. We may make adjustments as we go along, but this is how it will start out as:

  • For now It will be restricted to games that are likely to be released in 2021.
  • New games, remasters/remakes, and major content updates/DLC are all eligible. (Betas/Steam Early Access release dates are NOT eligible. Only Version 1.0 releases.)
  • Once a game has been released the game needs to be replaced with a new game the next time Louis and I convene for the GameReviewPad Live Show.
  • Any game that hasn’t been released can be moved up or down, added, or removed at our discretion.

Overall Perception

You’ll be able to track our rankings on the website and see what games we have our eyes on and what games have moved up or down.

I’ve always said from the beginning that I want meaningful content that tracks games from announcement to release and the ‘Game for Game’ lists fill that “Anticipated” gap that was missing from GameReviewPad.

It’s also a mechanism to give certain games their due that would otherwise not be seen or maybe even forgotten about. In the future an “Indie Only” list may be added, but I want to get the ball rolling first before we add more lists to the mix.


The first ‘Game for Game’ Lists will announced next week.

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