Kickstart Firmament? You Decide


Kickstart Firmament?


Firmament is a game currently in a kickstarter campaign, being developed by Cyan, the developers also behind the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection and their recent game Obduction. Firmament is being developed for VR and PC. As someone who has played Myst, I think this is the perfect type of game for VR, as Firmament will be in the same family of adventure puzzle games as Cyan’s previous games. One new addition for Firmament is traveling with a companion, a silent clockwork adjunct that provides assistance.

Cyan is seeking $1.3 million dollars total to fund this project in this kickstarter campaign scheduled to end 27 days from this posting. The tiers imply a July 2020 estimated release date.

Kickstart Firmament? You Decide.


GameReviewPad does not endorse this kickstarter campaign, as this is merely an informational post. You decide.

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