Louis Hughes’ 2nd Favorite Game of 2018: Detroit: Become Human (PS4)


Louis Hughes’ 2nd Favorite Game of 2018: Detroit Become Human (PS4)

Detroit: Become Human

Out of all the Quantic Dream games I’ve played, Detroit: Become Human feels the most relevant. The game, in which you control the outcome of three characters, places you in a world that seems very probable of happening as we start to rely more on technology for everyday lives. The motion capture is done well and the visuals are stunning, considering the crew went to Detroit to capture the details of the city. Not too long ago, people were excited for a Jetsons-like future and the story does a good job of explaining now that the future is happening, people are afraid of what they wanted, along with some ethical questions such as, “Can a machine have a soul?” Not to mention the social commentary of mankind treating something they don’t know being the occurring theme throughout the game.


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