Louis Hughes’ Favorite Games of All Time: DuckTales (NES)


DuckTalesNESBoxArtIn my DuckTales: Remastered review, I discussed how DuckTales was the first game I played on the NES. This is my chance to give you some backstory on this:

My dad figured that before I could play the NES, I should appreciate technology, since I had to start off with the Atari 2600, then the Intellivision. On my trip to the video store, my mom told me I can pick one game to rent. As I browsed the selection, I was stumped, until I saw the box cover for DuckTales. That was an instant pick since I watched the show, so my young brain figured, “You like the show, so you’ll love the game.”

After powering on the system, it begins when I hear the 8-bit version of the theme song on the title screen, along with Scrooge winking; I knew I was in for a treat while holding a Nintendo controller for the first time. The tight gameplay and memorable soundtrack helped me get into the passion of video games, not to mention how hard games were. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for DuckTales I don’t think I would have gotten into video games as much as I do now. Heck, I’m not ever sure if Super Mario Bros. would’ve changed my mind. For that, I salute you Capcom for making good license based games for the time.

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