Louis Hughes’ Top 3 E3 2019 New Game Announcements


Louis Hughes’ Top 3 E3 2019 New Game Announcements

E3 2019


1. No More Heroes III

After hearing sales for Travis Strikes Again were moderate, I accepted that chances of a No More Heroes III were slim. With no information, other than a cliffhanger ending, would be it. At first I thought it was a new game until I heard Travis Touchdown’s voice, but it wasn’t him, until he removed his disguise. The trailer shows that it looks like the combat system is making a return with motion control finishers. Now I’m more hyped than ever to finish Travis’ story of being an assassin and learning about what he did after the events of Travis Strikes Again.


2. Panzer Dragoon: Remake

This came out of left field for me, as I’ve heard nothing but praise about this Saturn classic. To learn that this game is coming this winter has me wanting more. I completely forgot that a remake was under development until I heard the famous opening tune. This was a game lost in time, but there is another game made for Xbox that is available through the Microsoft Store. You can bet I will give Panzer Dragoon Orta a spin to get myself ready.


3. Phantasy Star Online 2

I had history with the original from playing it on Dreamcast and GameCube, and the game’s immersiveness gave me a glimpse of what online gaming could be. The sequel has been out for a while (Japan) on PS4 and Switch, but Microsoft is bringing the game stateside with all DLC content, for free. To me, it shows that Microsoft cares for the small fanbase that likes Japanese RPGs (JRPGs). It’s no secret during the Xbox 360 cycle they did their damnedest to have Japanese games on their platform. They may have failed to get into the market, but they have not given up on the niche audience asking for these games.


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