Moss Destruction Review in Progress (PC)


Moss Destruction Review in Progress (PC)

Moss Destruction

Moss Destruction is a rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter, developed by Shotgun with Glitters, that I am currently working my way through. Although I am not a twin-stick shooter player myself regularly, I still play them if the game seems interesting enough and Moss Destruction falls under that category to me. The game features you playing as characters made of moss, starting in what appears to be a procedurally generated level looking like a barren wasteland. As someone who admittedly sucks at this genre, I was pleased with the keyboard controls, as they felt slick enough and controllable even for me. As you kill enemies you gain exp to rank up, and at some point in the level you can go to the next level, and with your rank up you can get a temporary i-Mech-Tech bonus moving forward into your run. If you’re lucky, the level may have a shop that you can spend Kysol, the game’s resource that ultimately makes this a rogue-lite game. As you kill enemies Krysol will drop, but for me it felt like an eternity to get Krysol drops to the point that it felt like I was progressing with my endless deaths. That being said, the good thing is that Krysol carries over from each run, so if you got killed with 3 Krysol, you start with 3 Krysol the next run. This certainly helps, but the high-ish shop costs and drop rate of Krysol makes it feel like an eternity to progress.

The store shops have special cartridges with passive bonuses that can be bought and attached to your hero before each run. Up to this point I’ve only unlocked a few cards and I’ve played a very long time already with lots of deaths. I’ve also unlocked a new hero that is much quicker than the first one you start with. So far, I can say the weapons are interesting, but the enemies and level design are a bit disappointing. Although the weapons are interesting, each weapon uses a certain type of bullet, so if you run out of bullets good luck surviving with your melee.

This is my Moss Destruction review in progress so far, and I will have my full review soon after I play (and die) a bit more.


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