Andre’s GameReviewPad Gaming Odds & Ends SNAPSHOT: My 2022 Favorite Game of the Year…I Think


Andre’s GameReviewPad Gaming Odds & Ends SNAPSHOT:

Andre's Favorite Game of 2022

My 2022 Favorite Game of the Year…(I Think)
Vampire Survivors (PC)

2022 was a decent year for games, with big Triple-A games like Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok releasing. Elden Ring is a massive game that I had technical problems with for the PC version, so I had to constantly battle those issues whenever I tried to play. I still haven’t finished Elden Ring, but I enjoyed what I played of it so far. I felt like I had to move on to other games because I was spending too much time with that. The tech issues wasted a lot of time. God of War: Ragnarok is a game I was very interested in, played a bunch of it, but unfortunately when it released in November I got sick and put the game down. I never picked it back up, but that game is definitely going to be finished at some point this year. I also played some interesting indie games, but nothing quite stood out to me as much as Vampire Survivors.


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