My GDC Virtual Preview Thoughts: Flat Eye


My GDC Virtual Preview Thoughts:  Flat Eye

I had the privilege of being shown a virtual preview demo presentation of Flat Eye during GDC. Monkey Moon Narrative Designer, Anthony Jauneaud, played and showed me a bit of just how this narrative management simulator actually works. Set in a gas station, you play as a clerk and interact with customers to tend to their needs by using various advanced technology powered by A.I.. Like other games in the management genre, you can pause the game and place objects within the given space, From what I was shown, the UI doesn’t seem to be that difficult to understand and navigate. You can place objects called modules into different areas of the gas station that perform different functions. The game also operates within a “Day” system, so you can move from Day 1 to the next day when you feel the need to.

Flat Eye does have inspiration from games like Theme Hospital, as the game’s premise and presentation really make that apparent. The customer interactions within the gas station is the narrative aspect of the game, as you’ll engage with “premium” customers that have their own stories and decisions for you to make. Decisions matter, so it’s possible to have a different experience in a subsequent playthrough if you really try.

Flat Eye Screen 01

As much management as there is to do. storytelling is still a central focus. It will be interesting see if the game can satisfy both management simulator gamers and gamers who focus primarily on narrative games.  Aside from the clean UI, I really like the colorful visuals of the game. A lot of management games are usually stale and standard looking, but Monkey Moon is presenting a very visually pleasing experience that will no doubt keep eyes peeled to the screen to want to keep playing. The AI voice acting also brings some life to the game and I can’t wait to see what crazy technologies are available to build to use on customers. Flat Eye explores the potential perils that technology can bring. Just how bad can it get? I can’t wait to find out myself.

Flat Eye is currently scheduled for full release in 2022.

Game Info

 Flat Eye

 Developer: Monkey Moon
 Publisher: Raw Fury

Release Date ETA: 2022
Platforms: PC

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