Neo Cab Demo Thoughts

Neo Cab Demo Thoughts

Neo Cab Demo Thoughts

Neo Cab

Developer: Chance Agency
Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Release Date: October 3, 2019
Platforms: PC and Switch
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Neo Cab
is a game that I’ve been interested in ever since it was revealed at E3 in 2018. When I recently out the game had a release date, I also found out it had a demo! I was actually incredibly thrilled to find out this had a demo because I didn’t know what to expect because demos are different from game to game. After playing the Neo Cab demo I can say this is a very well made demo that really ropes you in to wanting to play the game.

Playing as Lina, you begin your Neo Cab experience in what eventually seemed to be the actual beginning of the game. The demo gives you a great introduction of the game mechanics, whether it be the grid map to pick up passenger, conversation trees with passengers, in addition to the pacing that may not be for everyone. Your decisions in conversations do matter, as you will be judged with a star rating based on the passenger’s experience, while at the same time having to manage the charge of your car and money. The demo begins with you entering the cyberpunk city of Los Ojos trying to reconnect with your friend Savy. By the end of the demo many events had occurred, including having one bad passenger experience and setting up the premise for the rest of the game. I was left very interested in seeing where the Lina/Savy story was going to go.

After finishing the demo you will know whether the game mechanic of conversations with passengers are for you, given they that are not voiced and just text. One thing that is really well done within the game that you can see is how the facial expressions of passengers change during the course of a conversation.

As I’ve mentioned, this is a very well made demo and you will definitely have an idea about whether you want to buy Neo Cab or not by the end because it’s a great introduction to the game that  leaves you with a cliffhanger.


The Neo Cab PC demo can be found on Steam here



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