GameReviewPad’s Nintendo Switch Announcement Thoughts


GameReviewPad’s Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Announcement

Louis Hughes says:

October 20, 2016 was supposed to be the day all attention would be on Rockstar’s most anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. That changed when Nintendo announced the night before they will release a trailer for their new system. That day came, and now we know that the NX is now the “NS” or “Nintendo Switch.” After the trailer went live, something unexpected happened; Nintendo’s announcement overshadowed Red Dead Redemption 2. Sure the game got some attention, but it was the Switch that had everybody talking to the point it trended for two days. What made that day special for me was getting texts and emails from friends stating how awesome the system is and if I knew any more information. I posted on my Facebook page how I feel that Nintendo has learned from their mistakes with the Wii U reveal to heart because they hit the tease out of the park having people wanting to know more.

As of this writing, the wait will be a little longer, as they posted that on January 12 all will be revealed about the system. My thoughts on the trailer were positive, though I had some questions, but that can wait until after this event. Due to life, I don’t see myself buying this day one and may not get it till the summer. Personally, I don’t see myself taking this on the go, except to a friend’s house or visiting relatives. If Nintendo is serious about making the Switch something different, then this could be the boost it needs to bring back the audience some feel forgot about them. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised when I go to a convention and see a table with people playing Mario Kart Switch.

Andre Calvert says:

The Nintendo Switch announcement caught me by surprise because there was so little notice. Prior to the ‘official’ announcement leaks were being made about potential specs of the console, which makes me think the announcement was more of a response to the leaks. The trailer that Nintendo put together did a very good job of showcased all various uses and scenarios of potential use with Nintendo Switch. For me personally, I am very interested in purchasing the Nintendo Switch from what I’ve seen so far, but a lot of crucial unanswered questions remain like price, battery life for mobility, and how many third-party titles the Switch will have in 2017.  Hopefully everything is answered in January. Until then, I am a very interested potential buyer in the Nintendo Switch, but like many gamers, choices will have to made. Nintendo will have to sell me that a purchase of the Nintendo Switch will be better instead of a purchasing a Playstation 4.
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