Louis Hughes: PlayStation Classic Biggest Disappointment of 2018


PlayStation Classic Biggest Disappointment of 2018

If there was something that should’ve been a slam dunk it was the Playstation Classic. When it was announced as a surprise after the Tokyo Game Show, many people (including myself) were excited for this. Coming from someone who chose the Nintendo 64 over the PlayStation, I was looking forward to playing games that defined the system.

After the trailer showed five of the twenty, many were wondering what the rest of the lineup would be. Once the full lineup was revealed the disappointment started for some, not me, and since I pre-ordered the console on day one I was sticking through. But my moment of worry came after I read the hands-on impressions of how lazy the presentation was compared to Nintendo’s classic consoles. The big moment came went it was confirmed that certain games were running in PAL format instead of NTSC.

Upon receiving mine on launch day, I was hoping the reports I read were false, only for it to be true. After the iconic boot up screen, you are treated to a bland screen with little information about the game. There are some nice touches, such as the color scheme being the same as the original console and the virtual memory card, but that ends there. The games ran terrible except for Rayman. There is only one suspend box, while Nintendo has four, and no option to change the screen filter baffled me how Sony screwed up something this easy.

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