Rapture Rejects Alpha Report – July 21, 2018


Rapture Rejects Alpha Report July 21, 2018

Developer: Galvanic Games, Explosm Games
Publisher: tinyBuild

Release Date: 2018-ish

Alpha Version: 0.1.3

I was lucky enough to get randomly invited to play in the Rapture Rejects alpha and it was a pretty decent experience for what an alpha is. It is clear the game is a work in progress, but there is a clear foundation for the game to build upon. I played a handful of games, and the top-down isometric view for the battle royale felt very comfortable and translated well in a 2D view. I was skeptical about how the 2D view would affect the style of game, but it seemed to work. I didn’t encounter too many weapons, but ammo was scarce, and these are the things that will definitely be tuned.

Prior to entering the game I created a custom character and had many colors, hair, and facial hair to choose from. I don’t have any history with Cyanide & Happiness,  but I was instantly hooked by their E3 trailer. Judging from my experience in the game with wacky guns (Disc Launcher), I am looking forward to the completion of Rapture Rejects.

This my Rapture Rejects Alpha Report July 21, 2018. I will report back after my next experience.


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