Review in Progress: Haimrik (PC)

Review in Progress: Haimrik (PC)

Review in Progress: Haimrik (PC)

With E3 2018 consuming a lot of my video game attention, the full review of Haimrik (PC) wont be available until the following week, but I wanted to share my experience with the game so far.

Haimrik is a game that is currently shocking me in a good way. Although I am not deep in the game yet, I am highly impressed by all the gameplay elements. How Haimrik uses words to create immersive gameplay is just amazing. Whether walking over the word “sword” to grab a sword, or walking over the word “gap” to fall to your death, this is a really cool concept of a game. Right when you start the game you are soon faced with a 3D battle that is artistically impressive.

I am still going through the game, but it is clear the developers at Below the Game took great care and attention to detail in the drawing of each character, as well as the storytelling methods. Reading words is one thing, but seeing everything play out in your gameplay adds a whole other dimension. The music is also very catchy, maybe folksy? So far Haimrik is exceeding all my expectations with how the word puzzles are designed, the storytelling, the use of the town, the music, and most of all the visuals. The visuals look great in screenshots, but seeing them animated is something else.

I can’t wait to share my full review once my playthrough is done, but so far I recommend Haimrik (PC).



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