GameReviewPad: A Stronger Indie Game Focus


Dear Readers,

One of the reasons why GameReviewPad was started in the first place was to provide different takes and presentations than mainstream video game outlets currently in existence.

Part of that equation means covering games that receive little to no other coverage in the mainstream outlets. The simple truth is that there are way too many games being published every year and only a small fraction of them get covered fairly and are given a chance to succeed.

From this point forward GameReviewPad will put a stronger focus on indie game coverage.

Content to look out for in the future:

Weekly Indie Game Discovery Roundup: This will be content where we provide a list games of games discovered, with a brief description and explanation of why each game caught our eye. Expect that most of them will be games that are unreleased yet.

Demo Thoughts will also be provided for indie games that have them available pre-release. It seems that most developers nowadays really undervalue the creation of a good demo, but a demo can really go a long way to sell a game.

Indie developers, feel free to send demos of your game to GameReviewPad.

As GameReviewPad continues to evolve we will continue to provide what we feel is necessary to provide our own spin of adequate coverage for a game from announcement to release.

Thanks again for your patience and readership,

Andre Calvert
Editor-in-Chief of GameReviewPad

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