Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Review (PS4)


Developer: Telltale Games, Gearbox Software
Publisher: Telltale Games, 2K Games

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Review Context: I love interactive adventure games. They provide a deep and unique experience that you’d be hard pressed to find in other video game genres. I have played the likes of The Wolf Among Us, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Life Is Strange, and The Walking Dead Game.
Date of Playthrough: June 14, 2015

I’m huge fan of Telltale Games. They have a very solid track record and I have enjoyed the majority of the games they have released. I would be lying however, if I said I did not have any doubts on them developing a Borderlands Game. Fortunately, any worries or concerns I had were quickly put to rest once I got to complete the very first episode. Episode 1 was nothing short of amazing; All of the characters were diverse and very likable, the voice acting was excellent, the soundtrack was booming, the gameplay was very involved and intuitive, and the presentation was stellar. Outdoing the success of that episode with the next installment should prove to be a difficult task. Then again, the good folks at Telltale Games have proven themselves time and time again. So did Tales from the Borderlands episode 2 build on the momentum of the first episode, or did the pressure prove to be too much?


The second episode continues the adventures of Rhys and Fiona, accompanied by Fiona’s sister, Sasha, and Rhys’ best friend, Vaughn. Due to certain circumstances, they have formed a temporary alliance in search of a vault key, a valuable treasure worth millions. This episode also deals with the strengthening of their bonds. At their first meeting, they hated each other’s guts, but you get to see a caring relationship start to form as they spend more time together. Like the previous episode, this one also deserves high praise for its presentation. The introduction is absolutely genius and pulled me right in. The environments are highly detailed and there is definitely a sense of scope surrounding them. They are also varied; not only do you spend some time in Pandora’s desert, but there are also towns and factories to explore. Some new characters are introduced in this episode, and just like the others before them, they are bursting with personality. I especially liked the bounty hunter Athena, she’s just the epitome of badass. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning; I was impressed at how the game’s sound always fit perfectly no matter the situation, and also the voice acting is as excellent as ever. All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with the presentation and soundtrack throughout my entire playthrough; no complaints here.

This episode is packed with heavy action and adrenaline filled moments, perhaps even more so than the previous episode. You see our heroes have attracted a lot of attention along the way. Because of this, they made a lot of enemies, from Hugo, Rhys’ former boss and rival, to bounty hunters who want them alive or dead. Of course, this leads to intense chase scenes, and nail biting encounters. But what good is exciting action without great controls and gameplay? Thankfully, this episode nails those elements as well. Just like in the previous episode, you get to play as both Rhys and Fiona separately. The gameplay mainly involves exploring your environment, looking for clues, engaging in dialogue and quick-time events. Quick-time events may be nothing new, but they are expertly used in this game, and because of this, they are very clever and intuitive. I especially enjoyed hacking machines and guns as Rhys, and using different gun ammo as Fiona. Expect tons of bone chilling moments in this episode; from a chase scene involving a giant, ferocious beast, to being chased down by dangerous bounty hunters, my eyes were glued to the screen in amazement.There were noticeably not a lot of important decisions to make this time around, but when the time came to make one, I found myself deep in thought, as they are indeed tough. Even with all the explosive action taking place, the hilarious comedy continues to be the trademark for this series. The dialogue is as brilliant and humorous as ever, and I found myself bursting out in laughter multiple times during my time with the game.


I could go on and on about how good this episode was… The controls were tight and responsive, the gameplay was very engaging, the dialogue was ‘laugh-out loud funny’, and the soundtrack hit all the right notes. There were also very memorable cameos that veteran and new fans alike will certainly enjoy. Episode 2 was a definite success, as I found it very difficult to locate any flaws. Only time will tell if the future episodes will be as excellent as these first two installments.

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