Terrorarium Steam Early Access Report


Terrorarium Steam Early Access Report



Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC
Current Status: Currently in Steam Early Access
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Disclosure: This Steam Early Access Report is based off of a review copy.

Terrorarium is a game I had no idea what to really expect, so launching the game for the first time and playing developer made levels as a tutorial was very surprising to me in a good way. The presentation of the game is much better than I anticipated when I loaded up level. You play as a granny gardener that has to get through obstacles/puzzles with little creatures, moogus. Moogus surround and follow the granny gardener as she tries to avoid losing moogus to hazards in the garden and if she reaches the objective with the correct amount of moogus then the level is won. Even more interesting, moogus are not all the same, with each moogu having different abilities to help you move past various hazards.

As for my experience with the gameplay, the controls were excellent and responsive, with a great 3D camera that surprised me the most. This 3D camera is a good element, with many possibilities for custom made levels, as looking around in itself can be used in puzzle solving. The keyboard input labels were too small in font, but that’s something that can easily and should be fixed as Steam Early Access continues.

Terrororarium also has “Maker Mode,” which allows users to create and share their own levels. As the game is still very early in Steam Early Access, Maker Mode does have some bugs when selecting and deselecting objects and the object menu, but I was mostly impressed with the capabilities in the mode even in this part of the development process. There is no tutorial in Maker Mode, but I was able to figure out how to do most things rather easily. I’m not quite ready with my first level, but the game has a lot of promise, giving me Little Big Planet vibes. I really look forward to what this will bring in the future, as the game has a great foundation of creative possibilities as the development moves forward.

Terrorarium Steam Early Access is currently slated to last 6 months – 1 year,

More Terrorarium Steam Early Access Reports will be written as appropriate, followed by a full length review once Terrorarium exits Steam Early Access.


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