Andre Calvert’s Top 3 E3 2018 Indie Games

Top 3 E3 2018 Indie Games

Andre Calvert’s Top 3 E3 2018 Indie Games

1. Maneater

This game is probably going to be a silly game, but that’s why I appreciate indie games because the developers take risks. Maneater is by the same developers that made Depth, another shark game. The trailer going Maneater is very well done, as it eases you into the images of a shark just eating people in different places along a beach. What puts this as my top favorite indie game from E3 2018 was the PC Gamer conference, where it was revealed that this is an action RPG where you play as the shark and the shark gets stats and upgrades. Insanity! Even though this sounds like a silly game, what if they actually pull it off?

2. Sea of Solitude

This was one of the few bright spots of the EA press conference. Although we don’t know the gameplay mechanics, this is a game about loneliness, playing as a woman named Kay. The animations and colors shown are great, but I want to know a bit more about it before its release in 2019. It also didn’t hurt that the creator, Cornelia Geppert, showed a huge amount of passion during the presentation.

3. Rapture Rejects

Rapture Rejects was a game that was totally shocking to see. Their E3 2018 trailer was probably the funniest trailer of anything I saw during E3 2018 coverage. This is a top down isometric battle royale game with plenty of humor and comedy with no firm release date. The biggest potential downfall that I see is a lack of playerbase. Hopefully when the game comes out plenty of players will be playing because I can’t wait.

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