Louis’ Top 3 Favorite E3 2018 Game Updates

Top 3 E3 2018 Game Updates

 Louis Hughes’ Top 3 Favorite E3 2018 Game Updates

Games that were announced prior to E3 2018 that we are now more hyped for after E3 providing an update or follow-up.

1. Valkyria Chronicles 4

I didn’t expect this game to be shown at E3 since the last known news I knew about the game was that it was launching sometime in March. Well, color me surprised when I learned that the game was released in March, in Japan, meaning that the game hasn’t seen a US release. Recently, the game was announced to have a September release not too long after E3. During the show, the game was shown on Sega’s livestream during E3. The gameplay reminds me of my love for the first game. Mixing RTS with third-person action will make this my must have. Not only that, but they also showed off pre-order goodies like a model tank. I may cave in on the pre-order, but then I’m reminded that my space for this is getting smaller.

2. Octopath Traveler

Back in 2017, Square Enix announced an RPG coming exclusively to Nintendo’s new console the Switch. The teaser trailer had everyone put this game on the lookout. After multiple trailers, this E3 during the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a new demo would be released not too long after the event. The game did have a beta previously and the feedback was used to tweak the gameplay. Unlike the first demo, this one will have your saves transfer over to the full release. Nintendo also showed off the game during their Treehouse on the last day of E3. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is different from other RPGs I’ve seen. While I prefer real-time battles for RPGs, I’ll give this a pass, as I sink my teeth into the new demo.

3. Spider-Man

What looked to be Sony’s big holiday exclusive title to end the conference got some playtime on Sony’s livestream. While some questioned how legit the gameplay was after last year’s E3 gameplay, can calm down as the story elements are true gameplay. When you web around New York City, you will be free to partake in side missions. While watching the livestream I got Spider-Man 2 vibes. I still consider that the best Spider-man game, for now, as that has you slinging around with missions and side quests. Judging by the latest gameplay, the new one looks to have all the right ingredients for a fun title coming from Insomniac Games. This can do no wrong since the last game I enjoyed from them, Sunset Overdrive.

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