GameReviewPad’s Top 3 Favorite Games of 2019


GameReviewPad’s Top 3 Favorite Games of 2019

Top 3 Favorite Games of 2019

1. Children of Morta (PC)

2019 was by the far the toughest year in GameReviewPad’s history for me to decide my favorite game, but as I thought about it more, the storytelling methods combined with gameplay elements were the deciding factors. Children of Morta is a ‘jack of all trades’ type of game because it provides excellent storytelling, a great narrator, beautiful pixel graphics, a good soundtrack, multiplayer support, and implements rogue-lite elements in a unique way.

There are many things I can touch upon that are great about Children of Morta, but the storytelling within the rogue-lite genre is by far the greatest accomplishment of the game. I’ve played many rogue-lite games that are fun to play, but you have to ignore the grind or be ok with the grind to keep your interes. Children of Morta tells more of the Bergson’s family story each time you play, success or failure, giving the player an incentive to keep playing and not be bored. Additionally, the ARPG elements are just enough to make the game feel customized to you with the skill points allocation for each character, but not feel overwhelmed with plenty of choices like the genre’s most popular games do to scare people off. The game is certainly not perfect, but Children of Morta is a very well balanced experience that feels like a total package that made the wait for it worth it.

Dead Mage has scheduled many free updates and a paid expansion in 2020 that I can’t wait to play. Congratulations to Dead Mage for creating such a great game and being GameReviewPad’s Favorite Game of 2019.

2. Baba Is You (PC)

Baba Is You is a game is a puzzle game that sort of caught my attention out of nowhere, but grabbed me due to the unique nature of puzzle solving. The way Baba Is You uses words and objects to solve puzzles is something I’ve never seen in the puzzle genre before, which is why it’s my second favorite game of the year. What the game does really well is provide a presentation and UI to the player that makes the game easy to navigate and get sucked into without feeling frustrated. For example, undoing is really quick and easy. What makes a puzzle game good is a decent difficulty curve, which I feel Baba Is You does really well. If you’re a puzzle gamer then Baba Is You needs to be in your gaming library, no excuses.

3. Slay the Spire (PC)

Slay the Spire finally left Steam Early Access in January 2019, but it felt like the game was released forever. Mega Crit Games really hit it out of the park with the addicting nature of Slay the Spire as a deckbuilding experience that feels really expansive and full of depth that few other rogue-lite games can even match. I found it really difficult to put any other game in this spot because Mega Crit Games is one of the few developers to use Steam Early Access the right way and not officially release until it is actually ready. Due to their great development, there is a ton of content to do in Slay the Spire and you can always find yourself sucked in whenever you allow yourself to be.

Side Note: Unfortunately, Slay the Spire has been punished and criminally omitted from receiving ‘official release’ recognition in many outlets. This easily attributed to their consumer friendly development that extended their Steam Early Access for a long duration to the extent that it was ignored, all despite receiving plenty of accolades and positive coverage during Steam Early Access.

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