Track This Indie Game: Rise of Ages


Track This Indie Game: Rise of Ages
Rise of Ages

Rise of Ages

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC
Current Status: Steam Early Access
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In this inaugural edition of the “Track This Indie Game” series I bring to you Rise of Ages. At first this game appears to be just like many other 2D sandbox games we’ve seen, but there is an element to this game that sets it apart, the ages. The graphics may appear unappealing at just quick glance, but by watching the trailer you can clearly see the animations of the animals look really well done. It should also be noted that the characters appear to be much bigger than you are used to seeing in this type of 2D sandbox setup. The last thing that has me totally sold to keep my eye on with Rise of Ages is the campaign mode, because games in this genre haven’t seemed to master as much as I would like. I am very optimistic that this game will hit the mark because everything we’ve seen in screenshots and the trailer shows that the developers at Anguis Game Studio have taken great care in presenting interesting different environments with cool weather effects.

Rise of Ages is currently in Steam Early Access and I can’t wait to see what the different ages bring to the game as it moves forward.



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