New GameReviewPad Content Type: Track This Indie Game


New GameReviewPad Content Type:

Track This Indie Game

Track This Indie Game

Here at GameReviewPad we are committed to covering indie games and it was clear to me that we had a hole in our coverage of indie games…the announcement.

Although the Indie Game Discovery Roundup is here, that is now dedicated to games close to release or recently released. This left an area of need for coverage between announcement and release.

Track This Indie Game fills the hole of providing coverage of games just announced, in alpha, beta, Steam Early Access, and kickstarter games in development.

The logo may change slightly, but this will be the main site logo. The instagram version may change to give more real estate for the game name (and possibly development status).

Thanks for reading and supporting GameReviewPad.

Andre Calvert

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