Trailer Impressions: Yooka Laylee – Capital Cashino

Yooka Laylee - Capital Cashino Trailer

Release Date: April 11, 2017
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

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Louis Hughes says:

Another trailer showcasing why Yooka Laylee is the game I look forward to playing. Once again, I can’t help but feel the vibe of a late 90s 3D platformer. My biggest surprise came when they showcased the minecart section, which is my favorite in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy. I try to stay in the dark about the game, but I can’t help but watch a new trailer to keep my hype up, though the hype did contain a little sting at the end of the trailer.

If you haven’t notice, the Wii U logo is no longer present for platforms. It was confirmed on Playtonic Games’ blog that the Wii U version has been cancelled in favor of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I can understand their reasoning since the console is on its last legs until The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I do applaud them for giving refunds and free transfers to another platform for their kickstarter backers. In the end, despite this unexpected but predictable outcome, I am still looking forward to this game. I can only hope the Switch version will be available the same day as the other platforms.

UPDATE: I have learned from Playtonic Games’ Q&A that the Switch version will be released later. After hearing the updated announcement, my excitement for this game has taken a hit but I’ll be too busy with Breath of the Wild to notice, hopefully.

Andre Calvert says:

I gotta admit, my hype for Yooka Laylee hasn’t been quite as high as it it is for other people, but this trailer certainly increased it. Maybe it is the casino environment, but this trailer really showcased the 3D really well, as well as somewhat of an open-world rather than a straight line. Some of the 3D platforming camera angles in this trailer were amazing, so I’m definitely looking forward to more information about this game. As someone who will most likely end up playing the PC version whenever that time is, I’m curious to see how that version turns out.


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