Trailer Impressions: Age of Empires IV – Gameplay


Trailer Impressions: Age of Empires IV – Gameplay

Andre’s thoughts on the Age of Empires IV – Gameplay trailer

 I feel like the Age of Empires franchise been around forever, but always forgotten with people who play competitive RTS games. Age of Empires has always felt and played like a game that can be both competitive and accessible to all kinds of players due to the historical premise of the franchise. I haven’t played a lot of Age of Empires recently, but Age of Empires IV has me very interested in what it can be with all the new technology out there.

What this gameplay trailer of Age of Empires IV shows is the cinematic quality of what battles will look like. The part of the trailer that shows the attacking of the castle walls is the type of stuff that makes me excited to play this game, in order to show a big-battle view that few other games do. Starcraft can’t even do that. A lot of the trailer shows a lot of the fog of war and camera angles that you will get playing the game with everything looking more realistic. As much as I’m excited for the new look, I hope it doesn’t take away from gameplay controls and the general RTS experience a player should want. Age of Empires IV has been a game I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced with little details or updates for a long time, but now it feels like a reality because Fall 2021 is not far away! Not to mention, it will be great for this game to be on Xbox Game Pass! 


Game Info

 Age of Empires IV

 Developer: Relic Entertainment
 Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date ETA: Fall 2021
Platforms: PC and Xbox Game Pass

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Age of Empires IV - Gameplay Trailer
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