Trailer Impressions: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Digest

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Digest

Release Date: November 2017
Platforms: iOS, Android

GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Digest trailer.


Andre Calvert says:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the new mobile game from Nintendo that is set to release late November 2017 that has been delayed for about a year. I have never played an Animal Crossing game, but I am aware of how addicting it is. When I watched the full length trailer of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp it really gave a Sims vibe of building your own camp. Unlike Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing is free to play. As a satisfied free-to-play player of Fire Emblem Heroes (Android), I am very optimistic that Nintendo will do a good job with this free-to-play model and not make it feel like we have to shell out money.

This trailer is a digest version of a much longer trailer that explains aspects of the game, and I’m actually very curious to see how the multiplayer will be treated and what kind of activities players can do with their friends. Visiting your friend’s campsite can be interesting, but it is the variety of objects that will ultimately keep players playing. Since this will utilize timers I hope it is not too bad. I never thought I would say that I eagerly await the release of a mobile game, but here we are, I can’t wait for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.


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