Trailer Impressions: Climate Digital Board Game


Trailer Impressions: Climate Digital Board Game

Andre Calvert’s thoughts on the Climate Digital Board Game Trailer

Of all the games I have reviewed since starting GameReviewPad, Evolution: The Video Game was the first game that convinced me to buy the physical board game after playing it. Evolution surprised me because this was not some cheap adaptation, but a clearly dedicated attempt to make a decent PC gaming experience with animations and multiplayer capabilities. It introduced me to the game and I played a lot of it, although I can’t say I’m confident in my skills. When purchasing the game through other sites, I did notice expansions existed, including the Climate Expansion but was more worried about figuring out the base physical version first and getting people to play it with me. One step at a time.

This trailer showcasing the Clime Board Game Expansion is very interesting because I have never played the physical version, but it seems like it might be pretty awesome with a horizontal climate meter changing. Again, I have no idea how it works, but I expect the game to teach me. It should also be noted that it’s much cheaper to play the PC versions rather than the physical version. I plan on playing the Climate expansion and then deciding whether the physical version is worth it. Just from a game flow perspective I can somewhat see how forcing your creatures to adapt to a weather condition can possible equalize the battlefield or provide some level of balance within a game that everyone has to follow. This could be very interesting!

I can’t wait to play the Climate Board Game Expansion to see how it affects the game experience. North Star Digital Studios has done a great job introducing people to their game and I have full faith that this will be no different.


Game Info

 Climate Board Game Expansion

 Developer: North Star Digital Studios
 Publisher: North Star Games

Release Date: July 14, 2021
Platforms: PC and Switch

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