Trailer Impressions: Cultist Simulator launch: PENETRATE THE HOUSE

Cultist Simulator launch trailer: PENETRATE THE HOUSE

Release Date: May 31, 2018
Platforms: PC

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Andre Calvert says:

This trailer for Cultist Simulator showcases the card game in action. Rarely do we see card games that are single player, and even rarer that we see a card game that seems so hectic with lots of things going on. The trailer goes through different types of cards and also shows this timer, which implies decisions need to be quick and you need to be quick with the mouse. The ability to tell your own story within a card game is really interesting and not a concept I’m familiar with in other games I’ve played.

We are also so used to multiplayer card games where it is competitive one-on-one gaming that Cultist Simulator stands out because it is drowned out by the Hearthstone’s of the world. The mysterious music in the trailer also sets the stage for what story might unfold for you as the player. I really look forward to seeing what the final product of Cultist Simulator turns out to be, but clearly appears like it isn’t a game for everyone.

Cultist Simulator

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