Trailer Impressions: Filament Teaser


Trailer Impressions: Filament Teaser

Developer: Beard Envy
Publisher: Kasedo Games
Release Date: April 23, 2020
Platforms: PC
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Andre Calvert’s thoughts on the Filament Teaser:

This Filament teaser does a good job of grabbing my attention. I am generally a puzzle guy and the narration by the main character, Juniper, adds some story flavor to a puzzle game that is missing in most puzzle games. The puzzles themselves involve wrapping what appears to be a power chord around pillars to create energy, almost looking like a garden hose. Juniper is stuck on a ship and needs to find her missing crew after the ship was locked down. The music in trailer gives a warmer vibe than I would have guessed based on the premise of the game.

I like the concept of Filament as shown in the teaser, but I do have concerns the puzzles might be boring and dull and be upstaged the story and narration. That’s not to say a good story is a bad thing, but it shouldn’t overpower the interest in the puzzles. Another thing I like about this trailer are the various 3D environments quickly shown in the trailer, which also plays into my theory that Filament might be more story-rich than it seems like in the game description of over 300 puzzles.

Just off this trailer, I look forward to playing Filament eventually.




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