Trailer Impressions: First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite

First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC and Switch
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GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite.


Louis Hughes says:

Rumors were running rampant about new Nintendo Switch models being developed and that one of them would be released later this year. Nintendo stated that no such models were being made during E3. Seems having stealth announcements is becoming the norm, as I woke up and this was in my YouTube feed.

Nintendo has announced the Switch Lite, which is what rumors have stated previously that it’s a smaller Switch system for a cheaper price and comes in three different colors, but at a cost. The cheaper price means features had to be removed, such as HD Rumble and the IR senor, but it regains the D-pad. However, the dealbreaker for some will be that the console is only for handheld use. That is made certain considering that the Joy-Cons are integrated with the console. For people like me that have big hands, I get a cramp when I play my Switch in handheld mode for more than twenty minutes unless I use my Switch grip. Maybe the smaller design could eliminate that, but I doubt it. Also the kickstand is not here to drive the point home further. Another feature that isn’t talked about is how certain games require HD Rumble, so if you want to play those games, you’ll need to buy separate Joy-Cons.

Now despite the drawbacks, I still see the Nintendo Switch Lite as a good thing, since most people I know who own a Switch mostly play undocked, barely using the console on the TV. With Pokémon Sword and Shield coming in November, (not to mention the recently announced Pokémon Switch Lite edition) it will be a huge holiday seller despite the mixed reactions. Heck, I may buy this as my travel Switch, since that’s the only time I play in portable mode, but when I do, I play in tabletop mode because of my hand cramps.

Overall, I feel the main reason the Nintendo Switch Lite was made is to convert the Nintendo 3DS/2DS crowd, since the Switch Lite is at a good price point with an already huge lineup of console quality games and more on the way. Seems to me Nintendo just ‘Old Yeller’ed’ the 3DS/2DS.

Andre Calvert says:

As a Nintendo 3DS owner and non-Switch owner, the Switch Lite doesn't intrigue me at all as a replacement for the Switch. First of all, this is no longer a "Switch" because it can only be played on mobile, undermining the whole concept of the Nintendo Switch in the first place. Although it may be smaller enough to fit better for travel, I view this as more of a travel companion to the main Nintendo Switch console for people who don't want to lug around the main Nintendo Switch console. As someone who wants to buy a Switch in the future, the Switch Lite is a no. Hopefully potential customers are not tricked or deceived pertaining to the Switch Lite's lacking capabilities.



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