Trailer Impressions: Forza Horizon 2


Once it was confirmed at E3 that the next Forza game would be the sequel to one my favorite racing game, Forza Horizon, I was beyond excited. The game shows off the power of Xbox One by stating that all you are seeing in the trailer is Xbox One in game footage. Forza Horizon did a good job of racing for the fun of it while having a story, that isn’t groundbreaking, but you don’t care. The scenery was done well to make you feel that you are part of the festival in Colorado with the day and night cycle happening. Interested to see the feeling with the new setting being in Europe.

The trailer to me showed off things that I love about Forza Horizon and made it better. Weather makes a return after being absent in the last game with the return of drivatars from Forza 5. That will prove interesting since most of my Xbox Live Friends do not play racing games. With a nice roster of over 200 cars, and hopefully like the last game they will not do micro transactions, which gave Forza 5 a bad rap. Even though this game will be available for Xbox 360, I will be getting the Xbox One version after I buy the Sunset Overdrive Bundle.

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