Trailer Impressions: Freedom Planet 2 Preview – Neera Li Gameplay

Freedom Planet 2 Preview- Neera Li Gameplay

Release Date: TBA Platforms: PC

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Louis Hughes says:

After Freedom Planet was shown off during the Nintendo Treehouse Sizzle Reels of indie titles, it was announced that an E3 demo would be available to download for a limited time. After playing the demo, I had to patiently wait for the game to drop on Wii U since it was already out for PC. I liked the game to where I wondered if a sequel was gonna happen. As I was writing my review of Freedom Planet, my question was answered that the game would be getting a sequel.

The biggest change based on the gameplay trailer is that the character design got a huge overhaul. The character looked more aged up, and while I will say the character showed here was not playable in the first game, she is here. One of the features I liked in Freedom Planet, is the replayability by having to beat the game multiple times to get the full ending. Along with tight gameplay, decent content, and a great soundtrack, I can see this game getting a lot of attention.

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