Trailer Impressions: Freedom Planet [E3]

Freedom Planet E3 Trailer

Release Date: August 13, 2015

GameReviewPad contributors give their thoughts on the Freedom Planet E3 trailer:

Louis Hughes says:

Hey Sonic fans, not happy with how things are going for the blue hedgehog? Well things are about to change; Freedom Planet has the look and feel of the Sonic games you remember from the Genesis days because it was going to be a Sonic project until it was decided to create a new game out of it.

I can say from playing the E3 demo, this game even in alpha, plays like a dream. When I died it was my doing and not the controls.

Since indies are the Nintendo Wii U’s third parties now, it’s nice to see the small guys step it up for a console that has a few dry spells, and gems like this help us forget that. You also notice she packs a lot of attacks to fend off enemies, while going at fast speed, but not too fast to where you’ll hit enemies coming from nowhere.

Jeremy Kratka says:

At first glance, my reaction to Freedom Planet was, “what is this even?,” and that is the kind of reaction I like when coming onto something new. Watching more and more, I am reminded of Sonic the Hedgehog in old titles, but this is with dragons. Ultimately, this looks like a chaotic, fast, and fun game that will certainly be added to my game’s library. With games becoming more mature and darker as newer generations come, and technology getting progressively better, I am really glad seeing games truly recapture the types of games that made me fall in love with gaming to begin with. Freedom Planet and other more recently announced titles are certainly games I’ve longed for, and never truly realized it, until now.

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