Trailer Impressions: Hatred



It’s bad enough some people outside the gaming norm thinks people who play video games are social outcasts. When a game is released that gives you the option to kill innocent bystanders, people are quick to use that game as a scapegoat. So what happens when the main purpose of a game is to kill innocent bystanders? That will be answered with this game Hatred.

The trailer gives a black and white style of the main character giving his “screw the world” speech that is eerie similar to the people who perform these sick acts. Then it shows him gunning down people in an isometric view similar to Smash TV and the reaction for most is disgusted. For me, it reminds me of BMX XXX, a game that used strippers and nudity to gain attention with shock value, but in the end the game bombed and caused the closure of Z-Axis. While the trailer was hard for me to watch, the black and white filter made it watchable. I feel this is being made for shock value to gain attention and after release it will be forgotten unless the unthinkable happens and this game gets the spotlight. While I do not support censorship, I won’t play this game anytime soon. As you can see from the updated trailer, Epic told the publisher to remove their name from the game despite that they are using their game engine. It looks like in the final product you will not be gunning down New York’s finest since the NYPD logo is blurred as well.

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