Trailer Impressions: Insane Robots Gameplay – Out from July 10, 2018

Insane Robots Gameplay- Out from July 10, 2018

Release Date: July 10 (PS4), July 12 (PC), July 13 (Xbox One)
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

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Andre Calvert says:

Insane Robots, developed by Playniac, put t together a good trailer to get you familiar with what the game is about. First of all, the robot sounds tell me they at least paid good attention to the sound effects. The gameplay in this trailer shows a hexagonal tile board that you move around on, which really melts my strategic gamer heart. As someone who enjoys games that allow customization, seeing the ability to buy shop upgrades is exactly what I want to see.

Furthermore,  we see a dialogue box with a choice shown, which could allow even further customization to choices you make in the game. Insane Robots touts over a 15 hour single player campaign, so this is guaranteed to give you plenty of gameplay. With all the customization options available to the player, this looks to be a must play game just based on concept, but we need to see it executed well. I look forward to its release.

Insane Robots


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