Trailer Impressions: Jurassic World Evolution Announcement

Jurassic World Evolution Announcement

Release Date: Summer 2018
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer.


Andre Calvert says:  

The city building games always intrigue me, but most of them are too similar to separate themselves from the pack. Jurassic World Evolution looks from the trailer to be a fun take on theme park building that has me very very interested. The developer is Frontier Developments, who developed the highly acclaimed theme park building game called Planet Coaster. I didn’t play it then because my PC was beneath the requirements, but that was a game that snuck up on everyone in the PC gaming world at the end of 2016 to become a sleeper hit.

I remain cautiously optimistic about the success of Jurassic World Evolution, only because this is a movie tie in game. Movie tie in games are known for being rushed and published unfinished, but at the same time I can’t ignore the success of Frontier Developments with Planet Coaster, so that keeps me optimistic. I’ve always felt the theme park building would be interesting in a Jurassic World Evolution and it looks like that’s finally happening. 


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