Trailer Impressions: Light Fingers PAX West

Light Fingers: PAX West Trailer

Light Fingers

Release Date: TBA 2018
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

What looks to be another hack and slash game from the opening had me fooled, as the premise shows a different gameplay style. It shows the villains playing a board game, but to us, the board game is the game. This trailer reminded me of a time whenever I played board games, I would imagine the world of that game as I’m playing. That is what makes this game unique to me. Sure you have video game versions of popular board games, but those ruin the fun of wondering what those worlds are like. Having an original game like this can bring back the fun of having board nights at the pad.

I really like the design showing the world opening up like a book as you progress through the game. I feel this will be a fun local multiplayer game to relax with. I’m looking forward to learning more as information is released upon its launch later this year.

Light Fingers

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