Trailer Impressions: Metroid: Samus Returns-Overview Trailer

Metroid: Samus Returns-Overview Trailer

Release Date: September 15, 2017
Platforms: 3DS

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Louis Hughes says:

To get Metroid fans ready for the upcoming release, Nintendo has released a trailer showcasing the game’s features, though I feel they showed too much. While the game is a remake of Metroid II, I feel people who haven’t played the original were spoiled by weapons you earned later in the game. I will admit some of the new weapons and features are awesome, but the excitement has slightly dropped now that I know. One of the things I don’t want to know about a game that I am purchasing is secrets. I do my best to stay away from any news related to the game to enjoy it unspoiled, which is considered a miracle by today’s standard.

Even with that, I feel this game will please fans wanting the franchise to go back to what made it famous. I feel they did it right by remaking a game in the series not too many people have played. Yes, I know about the fan made game, but to its credit, it got Nintendo’s attention to make a proper Metroid game while the creator of the AM2R game got hired by Moon Studios (Ori and the Will of the Wisps).


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