Trailer Impressions: Milanoir – Release Date Announcement

Milanoir - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Release Date: May 31, 2018
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

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Andre Calvert says:

There are few trailers I say this about, but Milanoir has put together an amazing trailer that really sets the stage of the story. Milanoir is about a man named Piero released from prison seeking revenge against the man that framed him. As seen in the trailer, the graphics are pixels, but the quality of the art and what is put together makes this trailer all that more amazing. Just the trailer itself renews anyone’s appreciation of indie games, as it goes to show no matter what kind of graphics, a story can still be told.

What we see in this trailer is a lot of action gameplay that we are used to seeing in action films. This is what puts Milanoir on another level as far as appeal, just watching the trailer. Car chases, boat battles, and sneaking up on people, what more can you want? Not to mention, the soundtrack! How about those nice old school tunes we hear in the trailer. Although the revenge storyline after being framed is one we’ve heard before, I am very hopeful by the trailer that Milanoir will deliver an action-packed experience that tells the story through gameplay and not just cinematics.


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