Trailer Impressions: Moonlighter Official Release Date

Moonlighter Official Release Date Trailer

Release Date: May 29, 2018
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

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Andre Calvert says:

Moonlighter is a game that caught me by complete surprise. Digital Sun has themselves what appears to me in this trailer as what could be the best game in this genre. Games revolving around going into dungeons and selling weapons you find in your store isn’t new, but there is something about Moonlighter in this trailer that is amazing. First of all, the graphical and animation quality is something to behold. You just don’t see many games that look like this and have smooth animations like this either. What I believe is going to make this game great is the combat, because previous games in this genre sort of failed in terms of interesting combat.

Moonlighter‘s combat appears to be similar to The Binding of Isaac and The Legend of Zelda (NES). The trailer shows off a lot of combat, including snapshots of boss fights. Although the narrated story in the trailer is pretty generic, the protagonist is presented in a way that makes him appear very heroic. I am most intrigued by the crafting options, we can see tiny snapshots of tons of customization. Last but not least, the music in this trailer is simply amazing. I know I am gushing about this trailer, but this was a very well put together trailer that deserves the attention of everyone. Moonlighter should definitely be on your list if you saw this trailer.


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