Trailer Impressions: Nintendo Switch Online – Overview

Nintendo Switch Online - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Release Date: September 2018 (Out Now)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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Louis Hughes says:

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Switch was the paid online service. By the time you read this, the service will be live, but it looks like mere days before the launch my interested went from “I guess I’ll buy the service” to “I’ll wait it out.”

First, the trailer explains how you can play online multiplayer, despite it being free, and for most that seems weird to have something for free and then you have to pay. Then I remember Sony did this for the PS3/PS4, where online multiplayer was free on PS3, but when the PS4 launched they had it locked to PS Plus. The backlash wouldn’t have been bad if Switch had you paying out right away instead of waiting. I have learned that free-to-play games on the Switch (Fortnite) will not require the service to play online.

The next part I like is the NES Classic games being available and the library of third party games, but the negative feedback comes from the fact that your console must be online at least once a week to verify, otherwise your games will be unplayable. I don’t know why this is being done, but with PS Plus’s monthly free games, there are some that require you to be online to play, and if you cancel your subscription the games are no longer playable. With Games for Gold (Xbox One), you keep the games even after you cancel your membership.

Cloud data is something Nintendo needed badly. With the Wii, Wii U, and Switch your saves are locked to the console. If something happens to that console, your progress is gone, unless you send your console to Nintendo. The Wii and Wii U did give you the option to move your save data from the internal storage to external. For some reason, the Switch doesn’t give you that option, so your save data is locked to the internal storage with no option to move it. This was my main reason to join, so I can play longer games without fear of it being in vein. It was revealed that not all games will support cloud saves, as it’s based on the developer allowing it, like how some games disable the Video Capture/Screen Shot feature. I did some research on Xbox Live and PS Plus’s cloud saves. Xbox One does not require you to have Gold as it’s done automatically, while PS Plus is required for cloud saves. Even so, Xbox and PlayStation gives you the option to move your saves to an external device, so why not the Switch?

Smartphone App is required for voice chat, but some games (Fortnite) have it to where you just plug in your headset through the console’s headphone jack. This feature I could care less, since I stay away from voice chat, but for people who prefer it, that’s a disappointment. It would’ve been fine if the app works in the background, but the app must be open to perform which will make it a battery drainer.

It ends off with a teaser for special prizes and discounts for members. One product we now know is exclusive to members is the NES Joy Con controllers. I doubt it’ll happen, but I miss the awesome physical gifts that were available for Club Nintendo members before they decided to go digital with the prizes. Overall, with the $20 per year deal, I wasn’t expecting much, but I hope the negative feedback will give Nintendo a second thought about the features like Microsoft did after the Xbox One launch. I do feel bad since I’m sure Nintendo of Japan has final say, with Nintendo of America/Europe being scapegoats for the online community.

Andre Calvert says:

As someone who doesn’t own a Nintendo Switch, unfortunately the Nintendo Online is the biggest red flag to me about the console. With so many games coming to the Nintendo Switch lately, including many independent games, it is a shame that in this day and age Nintendo still can’t get online right. I am still trying to grapple around the the idea, figuratively, of playing a Nintendo Switch game with a controller in my hand, while having to fumble around a Nintendo app for voice chat. I can’t rip them for the price packages because they are cheap and easy to dabble in month to month if you have to, but when you pay you expect top premium service.

I do like the fact that NES classic games will be available for online multiplayer. There are many games I can think of that would appeal to me, like my favorite multiplayer game, Yoshi. Ultimately, the connectivity of games using Nintendo Online will be the make or break. I just hope for their sake Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has no lag, because I can see the backlash already if there are issues. Good luck Nintendo Online.



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