Trailer Impressions: Path of Exile: Legion Official Trailer and Developer Commentary

Path of Exile: Legion Official Trailer and Developer Commentary

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Andre Calvert says:

Path of Exile will always be one of my current favorite game because every three months there is always a new update, more specifically, a league. Each league adds new content, skills, and sometimes tightens up elements of the game that have needed fixing for a long time. In Path of Exile: Legion, 3.7, this league introduces melee changes that help to balance the game moving forward. As an early player of Path of Exile, melee was always hit or miss visually and gameplay wise, with spells usually being the best choice for character. In this league update melee is changed to increase weapon range, adds splash to all melee skills, and also adds better cues from monsters to manually evade attacks with new movement skills also being added.

I am so excited for this because I’ve always avoided melee and this gives me a good reason to go back to it. The new Legion league mechanic also adds a Breachy league mechanic where you have to touch monoliths to free Legion mob factions for loot with a timer attached. Even cooler, the Legion league allows you to get a 5 slot map device, which I can’t wait to add to my hideout!

Path of Exile: Legion releases on Friday, June 7th and I can’t wait to play it!


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