Trailer Impressions: Pyre – Reveal Trailer

Pyre - Reveal Trailer

Release Date: 2017

GameReviewPad contributors give their thoughts on the Pyre – Reveal Trailer


Sean Kromrey says:

Supergiant Games have had huge successes in the past, such as Transistor and Bastion, both games beautiful and extravagant in their own setting showing their diversity and continued success in various settings as a company. Pyre does not look like the exception to this. I love the design aspect of Pyre, especially with its cast of exiles and the beauty of this so called “purgatory” they will travel through. My problem is that while we have a glimpse of the gameplay nothing was really done except for what seems like a three person base defense. I have only played Transistor for a small amount of time, but from what I can tell of their storytelling and characters I don’t really have much to worry about in that department. That being said, the game has me confused on what it wants to do. It seems to have a lore, but how much lore are we looking at and will it come into play in these three person base defense scenarios? They say it’s a party-based RPG, but how does that translate into the gameplay in the trailer? While I’m interested, I’m just as skeptical. Though any game from a company who has proven twice that they deserve a look will most likely be in my library when it comes out.

Andre Calvert says:

Supergiant Games is quickly becoming my one of my favorite developers due to their past games Bastion and Transistor. In the sound department, as you can hear in the trailer, Supergiant Games is excellent. This trailer was released at PAX East 2016, and while the trailer bounces around a lot, Pyre appears to be a completely new experience from Bastion & Transistor, incorporating a multiplayer element of a three versus three goal defending type of game. I am somewhat skeptical about multiplayer games, as their life-cycle depends on the playerbase. The art style is very appealing to me, and Supergiant Games has earned the right to get the benefit of the doubt due to their track record.

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