Trailer Impressions: Radio General – Gameplay


Trailer Impressions: Radio General – Gameplay

Developer: Foolish Mortals
Publisher: Foolish Mortals
Release Date: April 9, 2020
Platforms: PC
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Andre Calvert’s thoughts on the Radio General – Gameplay Trailer

When I pick game trailers to talk about, the trailers I pick are either highly anticipated games I know I want to know more about, or games I’ve never heard of where the trailer sells the game on its own. This Radio Generals trailer does exactly that, as the soundtrack and the background voice radio sounds set the stage for the premise of the game, which is controlling the 1st Canadian army in WWII with your voice in a tactical setup from a top view. In the game you use your voice to control the army, although it can be turned off, but wouldn’t be fun right?

The entire trailer is narrated in a radio filtered voiced that immerses the viewer and explains the concepts of the game. Even more interesting about Radio Generals is the fact it comes with a custom level editor for the Steam Workshop. This is by far one of the best indie game trailers I’ve ever watched and one of the most interesting game concepts that actually makes sense. The voice command element isn’t just some gimmick, but it has some relevancy to the subject matter of the game, being a WWII general of the 1st Canadian Army.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a voice command skeptic, but Radio General may win me over when I eventually play it! Don’t sleep on this game, as Foolish Mortals may have something special here.



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