Trailer Impressions: Safe House

Safe House - Trailer

Release Date: May 22, 2018
Platforms: PC

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Andre Calvert says:

This trailer of Safe House really goes a long way. Up until I saw this trailer I had no idea this game existed. The trailer does a great job showcasing what is in the game, even if I haven’t played it. The concept of spies and treason seems to be pretty hot right now in the United States, so I can see this getting on people’s radar for that reason. The background music in the trailer really sets the tone that you will be doing something very mysterious in the game.

Safe House touts the ability to recruit spies and send them on missions. Although the graphic style is pretty plain, most of the graphics seen in the trailer look good for the setting. Prospective players may be disappointed at the concept of sending other agents on missions and not doing the missions in real-time like a third-person game, but players will still be able to do puzzles. That being said, a simulation can always be fun. I am a fan of simulation when done right, and I hold out hope that Safe House can be that gem.

Safe House

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